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Home office desks to keep things organized

Every home office needs a computer desk, no matter what type of work or business you use the room for. The type of computer desk you choose, however, will depend on your specific needs. Do you require lots of space for filing papers and documents? Do you need a flat, sturdy surface on which to write longhand, or would a multi-tiered system provide more benefits for the type of work you do?

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Add a Computer Desk

Computer desks range from compact corner workstations to L- or U-shaped behemoths with myriad drawers, cabinets and shelves. Remember that it's essential to leave enough room in your office for other storage furnishings and accessories; you'll need to have space to maneuver around the computer desk without bumping into things.

The first thing you will want to consider is the computer work station section of the desk. It should have space for your monitor, CPU, mouse, speakers and any other equipment you might use, such as a printer, fax machine or copier. Some computer desks also have ergonomic roll-out trays for your keyboard and mouse.

Choose the Right Home Office Desk

A home office desk should facilitate both organization and efficiency. You should be able to store the things you need throughout the day within close reach while having plenty of room for document storage and records management. If you use a lot of reference manuals, you might prefer a home office desk with shelving above or beside the computer workstation.

An L- or U-shaped home office desk provides a computer workstation in the center, along with a writing surface to the right or on both sides. This gives you more room for things like paperwork, filing, storing supplies and electronic equipment.

Save Space with a Corner Computer Desk

When you need to maximize your work space, a corner computer desk offers an effective solution. This piece of furniture fits is ideal for small or irregularly-shaped home offices. They come in many sizes, some of which extend along the wall; others fit neatly in the corner and do not take up much space. You will need to measure the dimensions of your home office carefully before you settle on a desk.

Executive Desk Options for Professionals

Sometimes, the busy professional needs an executive desk. This suite of furniture includes a computer workstation, a writing surface, book shelf and filing cabinet. Most executive desks are generously sized and elegantly finished, offering a touch of class and good taste to comfortable yet upscale home office environments.

Written by Steve Thompson