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Display Case

Display your treasures in a protective case

Do you have jewelry you'd like to display? Flags? Dolls? Sports memorabilia? A display case can add a touch of beauty to your home and allow you to show off your collections with pride. Rather than secreting collectibles away in a dusty corner of the attic, you can enjoy them on a daily basis with a display case.

Display Case Materials

In order for people to see your collection, at least the front of your display case must be see-through. Popular materials include:

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  • Acrylic Display Case: An acrylic display case is one of the least expensive ways to start showing off your collections. A synthetic polymer, acrylic is cheaper to make and maintain, and provides a clear view of the contents. You can also buy a colored acrylic display case if you so desire.

  • Plastic Display Case: A regular plastic display case is also an inexpensive alternative, but some plastics will yellow in sunlight and should not be placed near open windows. Plastic is also not as strong as acrylic and may crack if not cared for properly.
  • Glass Display Case: For a classier touch, a glass display case can set off your collections in a unique way and provide a more attractive setting. Usually, a glass display case will be set in a wood frame for enhanced decoration, though you can also buy all-glass display cases.

Display Case Uses

Display cases can be used for almost anything, but what you're displaying will have an effect on what style and features you look for in a display case. Some popular types of cases are:

  • Jewelry Display Case: Fine gems, heirloom pieces and antiques can benefit from a jewelry display case, which can be made from any of the above materials. In many cases, a jewelry display case will contain velvet or felt lining, with raised areas for specific types of jewelry. For example, it might have a circular raised area intended to display necklaces.
  • Flag Display Case: If you collect flags for sports teams, countries or other organizations, a flag display case will be your best bet. These cabinets are often triangular in shape to display a properly folded flag, though some are much larger to display the entire flag. Military flag cases might have a second compartment for medals and commendations.
  • Doll Display Case: Porcelain dolls, stuffed animals, figurines and more look wonderful when showcased in a doll display case. You can find these cabinets in every material and in varying sizes, some of which have adjustable shelves for displaying different-sized dolls.
  • Sports Memorabilia Display Case: From pennants to game balls to rookie cards to photographs, sports memorabilia brings back memories. A sports memorabilia display case is the perfect way to keep these important, and sometimes valuable, items in top condition. Some of these cases are intended for specific sports memorabilia, such as pennants or balls, while others are more general and have space for more than one type of collectible.

Of course, there are also general display cases that can be used for any of the above, as well as many other types of collectibles.

Written by Steve Thompson