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Hobby Storage

Storage for hobbies and collectibles

Hobby storage is an important consideration for anyone who enjoys collecting, whether it's comic books, baseball cards, stamps or coins. Proper storage becomes particularly important if you hope to sell your collectibles one day. There are several different methods and options for hobby storage, depending on what you collect, so it's a good idea to explore all available products in order to make the best choice.

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Baseball Card Storage

When it comes to baseball card storage, there are two important considerations. Not only do you want to keep the cards safe from potential damage, but you might also want to organize them chronologically or by team for easier retrieval. Polypropylene card sleeves are among the most popular solutions, but you might also consider card boxes or display holders.

Comic Book Storage

Comic book pages can fade, turn yellow and become brittle with age, so comic book storage is largely about keeping your books safe from the elements. Acid-free backboards and archive-quality polypropylene bags are the first line of defense in preserving your comics. There are also Mylar bags and even PVC toploaders for this purpose.

You can also store your comics in comic boxes. These are usually made of cardboard and have lids to keep light and dust out. If you're worried about the deterioration of the container, you could store your books in plastic comic boxes. Another comic-related hobby is the collecting of original artwork. Though many collectors get these one-of-a-kind pieces framed, some like to use portfolio cases to safeguard their art.

Stamp Storage

Stamps are among the most popular collectibles, and stamp storage is particularly important for this hobby. Vinyl page protectors work well for large volumes of stamps, but in a pinch you can also use plastic zip baggies or CD jewel cases. The goal is to keep your stamps away from any moisture or debris.

Coin Storage

Coins are slightly more durable than other collectibles, but this doesn't mean that coin storage isn't important. Many collectors purchase plastic pre-labeled containers for their coin collections, while others prefer to design their own out of toploaders. You can also use a coin storage cabinet for your collection, and this works best for high-volume collectors. They typically come with several shallow drawers in which holes are placed for coins. They can be organized in any way you see fit, and can be found in wood, vinyl, plastic and other materials.

Scrapbook Storage

Where do you keep your memories? Scrapbook storage is important for anyone who makes scrapbooks a hobby, and you don't want to discover your memories rotted away in a box in the attic. Make sure to store scrapbooks in highly ventilated areas and in sealed plastic containers to avoid any infestation of bugs or mildew.

Written by Steve Thompson