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Portfolio Case

Portfolio cases for presentations and document protection

A portfolio case is a storage product used to protect documents and artwork while they are being transported or filed. There are many different types of portfolios that you can use, and each type is designed for a specific type of document. Some portfolio cases are used for business documents and presentation materials, while others are used for artwork and photographs. When shopping for a portfolio, it is critical to seek one that is designed for your intended use, such as protecting business documents or large-format artwork.

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Leather Portfolio Case

A leather portfolio case is generally designed for business papers. These cases come in several varieties. The most common option is a hard-sided portfolio case, also called a briefcase. Inside, you'll find pockets and compartments that will help you organize your documents, presentation materials and office supplies. The second option is an attaché case. This portfolio case has soft sides and resembles a large purse; some models can be expanded to facilitate oversize document storage. Expandable cases use zippers or snaps to allow you to adjust the size of the case's interior so that it can accommodate more papers or larger objects.

Art Portfolio Case

An art portfolio case is generally larger than a briefcase or attaché case. Art portfolio cases also generally open up completely and lie flat so that you can insert and remove large pieces of artwork without damaging the edges. These portfolio cases are usually made from leather, cardboard or vinyl.

Portfolio Presentation Case

A portfolio presentation case is designed to organize a presentation. They have three-ring binder systems integrated into their covers as well as plastic sheet protectors. Each sheet protector holds a presentation page for easy display and front-to-back flow. Complete presentations can then be given to clients or business associates for review. Portfolio presentation cases are used by designers, artists, photographers, accountants, advertisement agency executives and other professionals who need to provide their clients or employees with organized collections of information and graphics.

Written by Eisla Sebastian