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Home security safes for documents and valuables

A home safe can help protect valuables from fire, burglary and natural disasters. Most are very cost effective: a small document safe that will protect against fires typically costs less than $100.

Safes Available for Home Use

Any box that provides reasonable security to its contents can be called a safe, making the type and quality of safes vary widely. For most homeowners, a vault or other high-security device is unnecessary; a typical home safe is sufficient. Commonly made of plastic, these small safes are made to house documents and small valuables like jewelry. They are typically made to protect against fire and floods, although the particular features of your safe should be verified by the manufacturer.

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Home security safes commonly have an added feature: they are difficult to move. This helps protect against burglary. These safes may be particularly large, heavy, or anchored to something in your house. For burglary-prone areas, this can give an added layer of protection.

For homeowners with valuables they wish to further protect, a wall safe can be ideal. An in-wall safe is anchored to structural members within the home, making it very difficult to move. Wall safes can vary greatly in size and can contain almost any object. For further security, a wall safe can be installed in a spot that can easily be concealed. Behind wall hangings and in the back of closets are popular choices, but they are also the most common places to look during a burglary.

Specialty Safes

While your passports and small valuables can easily be accommodated by a standard cubical safe, some items need special housing. For example, if you have a large volume of paper-based documents to protect, you don't want to toss them pell-mell into a box. Media protection safes are designed to hold file folders or CD cases, keeping your business records or other confidential documentation safe from theft or damage.

Another important type of safe is a gun safe. These are essential for any homeowner who owns a firearm. The size and type of gun safe required will depend on the type of firearms you own, as well as the level of protection you want to give them. For safety's sake, bullets should be stored in another location and guns should remain unloaded.

Written by Amy Whittle