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Trophy Case

Show off with a trophy display case

A trophy case is a multipurpose furnishing used to display awards and memorabilia, keeping these treasured items safe from dust, debris, dirt and damage. When placing your items in a trophy display case, you should position them so they can be viewed from a variety of different angles. Arranging them with cohesion and unity also makes your collection look ordered and organized, rather than like a cluttered jumble.

Baseball Trophy Case

When assembling a baseball trophy case, you will need a few simple tools. First, you'll need a ball stand to keep your baseball from rolling around while on display. Alternatively, you might place the ball against a bat or the edge of a trophy that's also contained in the case to keep it stationary.

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Next, you can add stands and risers that let you stagger your items, making them easier to see. This is a particularly useful strategy if you're using a single large trophy display case to show off a multitude of collectibles.

Football Trophy Case

Organizing your collection of gridiron memorabilia in a football trophy case requires a little thought and planning. First, take the largest, most prominent items and place them centrally within the case. Once you've chosen an advantageous position for these important pieces, you can arrange smaller items around them in an aesthetically pleasing manner which does not obscure the centerpiece.

If you have an extensive assortment of football collectibles, it's best to organize your display case so that each shelf has a theme. For example, you can dedicate one shelf or case to college football memorabilia and another shelf or case to pro football collectibles. Similarly, if you have a collection of trophies from your own playing days as well as a significant amount of college and pro football valuables, you can group these on dedicated shelves.

Golf Ball Trophy Case

Whether you're a competitive golfer with a handsome collection of awards or simply a fan of the LPGA and PGA, a golf ball trophy case is the ideal way to safeguard your treasures and trophies. If you're simply displaying golf balls, you might elect to use a simpler brass holder rather than an elaborate, glass-encased mount. This will save space and make it easier to keep things tidy in your recreation room.

Multi-tiered shelf cases are best for organizing extensive trophy collections. These are generally designed to be flexible and can house trophies of varying heights, thanks to adjustable shelving designs. The most elaborate shelf cases feature top and side lighting as well, which can give your wares a more majestic appearance.

Written by Eisla Sebastian