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Cell Phone Case

All about cell phone cases

Your cell phone goes where you go. When you want a cell phone case that matches your style, or your outfit, there are plenty of options. A cell phone case is vital for the safe care of your cell phone. You can combine practicality with style by choosing a cell phone case that reflects your individual taste and fashion. You can consider a holster style cell phone case, or an optional clip for pants. Swivel clips offer even more functionality.

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Custom or Universal Cell Phone Cases

When you want a case that is guaranteed to fit, start with the cases made for your cell phone. These are the cases which will accommodate ports, volume control, camera buttons and power supply cords. The holes in the cases will be lined up in the right places.

The other option is to choose a universal case for your phone. Universal cases are cute and portable, and leave enough room for a phone as well as a lip balm and other small, personal essentials. Universal cases are available in a range of styles, which is ideal for any style hound.

Cell Phone Cases by Design

Some universal cases are designed to resemble miniature purses and can even be made of leather. Designer cell phone cases help to express your fashion sense and can be beaded or made with canvas, or soft suede with leather trim. Nicole Miller, for example, makes adorable pouches and cases designed with solid colors or patterns. Some designers also make mp3 player cases to match, to keep your portable electronics accessories coordinated.

All-leather cell phone cases are available in designer or executive styles. These natural material cases are made for universal use and come in various sizes and colors. A leather cell phone case can add personal style and attitude to your cell phone, making it reflect your own personality much more.

Finding Cell Phone Cases That Fit Like a Glove

Universal cases are great for safe storage of your phone in pockets or bags, but their drawbacks are that the phone must be removed from the case for use, and the phone has room to knock around in the case.

If you would rather have a protector which houses the phone at all times, consider a Body Glove cell phone case. Body Glove designs cell phone cases specifically to fit most brands and models, which allow access to all of the phone's features without removing the case. Viewing and using the keypad is easy through the vinyl cover, and the case protects cell phones from damage when dropped. These cases may be used with swivel belt clips, and if you have a flip-style phone, you can use a holster.

Many cell phone manufacturers sell cases designed to fit their phones. For example, snug-fitting protection can be found in Nokia cell phone cases. The variety of cases is as diverse as the Nokia phone selection itself. Nokia cases are offered in the universal style or you can find cases where that allow access to all of your cell phone's features.

Written by Pam Gaulin