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Laptop Carrying Cases

Tips for choosing a notebook carrying case

How you carry your laptop into a business meeting or classroom speaks as much about your personal style as your shoes. Laptop carrying cases not only protect your valuable hardware; they are also important fashion accessories. With so many options on the market today, you're sure to find a functional yet stylish laptop carrying case.

Laptop Case Styles

For a casual look, opt for a backpack notebook case or a messenger-style laptop bag. Both are ideal for students or for frequent users of public transportation. Messenger-style bags are outfitted with pockets for cell phones, MP3 players and other accessories, and some come with handles at the top for lifting the case or for carrying it by hand. They also come in different sizes to accommodate your laptop.

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Frequent travelers may want to invest in an overnight case that locks and is durable enough to go on a plane. These overnight cases are practical, but if you want to make a real fashion statement, look for one in color. A pink laptop carrying case can look as posh as your best handbag. Colored laptop bags come in many styles, from messenger bags to light sleeves — some even look like designer handbags.

Laptop Case Considerations

A laptop carrying case needs to be both sturdy enough to protect your notebook computer and lightweight enough to not cause neck or back strain. Try to get a feel for the bag by wearing it around the store for a few minutes before you buy it (with a laptop or similarly weighty object in it if possible). If something rubs, pulls or is otherwise uncomfortable, pick another bag – these issues will only get worse with long-term use.

When browsing laptop carrying cases, look for one with adjustable straps. Also look for one that has a shoulder pad or a thick strap to make carrying it more comfortable. Look for removable straps if you want the option of going strapless. Of course, in this case you may also want to look for a handle.

Finally, consider the material used to make the laptop computer carrying case and which meets your specific needs. You might need a material that is easy to spot clean, one that is durable or one that looks professional. Materials include polyester, nylon, neoprene and leather.

A leather laptop carrying case is professional and great for business. Often, these cases come with protective cushioning that can be adjusted to different laptop sizes. For added convenience, opt for a bag with zippered pockets and layers of divided pouches for all of your computer accessories and other business equipment.

Written by Pam Gaulin