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Portable MP3 Player Case

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Protect your iPod, in style. An iPod case keeps your digital music player safe from scratches, liquids, falls, spills and your destructive little brother. When selecting a portable mp3 player case, you should consider where, when and how often you use your iPod.

Selecting a Case

The one feature every protective case should offer is accessibility. You want to keep the mp3 player safe, but you also want to be able to shuttle forward to your favorite songs, check the time and adjust the volume without hassle. Most iPod carrying cases are designed with functionality as well as style in mind. The most lightweight options consist simply of a protective slip or sock, but these don't protect your digital music player if it's bumped or dropped. Opt for a harder, more durable case for your mp3 player if you prefer increased security.

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Protective shields come in varying sizes, designed to fit the iPod Classic, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano. Acrylic and transparent iPod Nano cases protect the player while keeping the bright Nano colors visible. Acrylic cases also come in matching colors.

Flexible cases, such as leather cases, can be supremely stylish as well as incredibly functional. Opt for a transparent window and control wheel access when buying a flexible case. For attachable cases, consider one with a rotating wheel, which enables you to turn the player to make adjustments before it returns to an upright position.

There are also flip-top cases, which are ideal for those times you want to turn on your music and chill out without having to make any further adjustments. Leather cases may open at the top or from the side, allowing easy access to the music player. Armband cases are recommended for people on the go, whether you're power walking to work, out for your morning jog or weight training at the gym.

For travel, opt for a case which provides both protection and room for accessories. With a travel case, accessibility is not as important an issue. An iPod Mini travel case should be just big enough to hold the small portable music player and a pair of ear buds. Travel cases for mp3 players need to be snug, and you might consider using an acrylic shield or other protective covering on the iPod to make it an even tighter fit.

Written by Pam Gaulin