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Desk Organizer

Organize your desk

A desk organizer is an organizational device that is used to keep a desk clutter free and to help make finding specific objects like pens, sticky notes and files easy to do. There are many different types of desk organizers; some are designed to keep items organized on top of your desk, while others are designed to keep items in your desk drawers organized.

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Desk Top Organizers

One of the most popular types of desk organizer is the desk top organizer. A desk top organizer will generally include different slots for paper and file organization, a cup to hold pens and pencils, and a place to store paper clips and smaller office supplies. Desk top organizers are generally made from plastic; however, wood desk organizers are also very popular, especially with business executives.

The key to making a desk top organizer work for you is to store the appropriate items in their designated slots and keep only working office supplies in the organizer. This means that if a pencil is too small to use, or if a pen is out of ink, you don't put it back in the organizer. This will ensure that every item in the organizer will be in working order when you need it.

Desk Drawer Organizers

One of the messiest places in an office is the desk drawers. Desk drawers get messy and disorganized because they move and because people have a tendency to just throw items in a drawer. In order to keep items organized and easy to find inside of a desk drawer, you'll need a desk drawer organizer. These organizers lie flat and have several compartments for storing pens, pencils, papers and folders.

Desk Organizer File Folders

Some desk organizers have a folder attachment. These attachments can be used to keep your file folders organized and easy to find. Desk organizer file folders can be added to desk top organizers or desk drawer organizers. However, there are specific desk organizers that are used only for file folders. To keep your desk neat, you can use one file folder organizer for current projects, one for archived projects and one for upcoming projects.

Written by Eisla Sebastian