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Locker Organizer

Organize your locker

Your school locker may be your only personal space at school. You share desks, tables, chairs, hallways and classrooms, without much say on how they look. Your locker is different. The narrow, long space can be transformed and organized with a style that is uniquely yours. The right locker organizer will corral all of your school books and supplies, leaving room for such crucial supplies as an umbrella and your lunch.

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Rod Locker Organizers

If you have mostly books and don't have to worry about making room for a bulky jacket, a rod locker organizer will keep your locker organized from top to bottom. This type of school locker organizer has two large horizontal hooks at the top which attach to the locker shelf, and large cubby storage for organizing books, binders, a book bag or gym bag and notebooks. Look for a hanging organizer that also has mesh or canvas pockets down the sides. These are great for storing small items such as flash cards, a brush, a calculator or a ruler.

Locker Organizer Shelves

Some schools provide students with half lockers. Locker organizer shelves may be a better option than a hanging organizer for this type of school locker. Stackable storage shelves allow you to leave gym shoes and a gym bag on the bottom of your locker and stack up the shelves to accommodate books, a backpack and more.

Organizing Your Locker

Before selecting an organizer for a school locker, take everything out and sort through it. File stray papers in the right subject binder and recycle old papers you no longer need. Toss out any dried up pens and highlighters, and find an appropriate place for any other loose items.

Sort your belongings by size and type: books in one pile, binders in another and small items in another. Consider the weight of the books and items when buying a system to organize your locker. Make sure your stuff will be properly supported for safety.

Use space efficiently by adding magnetic or suction-cup hooks to the top of the locker and the door to hang small items from. Add a mirror and a cork bulletin board for posting important messages and reminders. Personalize your space with a few photos of friends or favorite sports figures or musicians on the inner door.

Make the organization work for you by actually using it between classes, or at least straightening up at the end of the day. When you can easily locate the book and binder the next morning, your day will start off right.

Written by Pam Gaulin