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Personal Organizer

Organize your personal life

A personal organizer is a tool that is used to keep track of important dates and information like addresses, phone numbers and appointments. They come in three varieties: printed personal organizers, personal organizer software products and electronic personal organizers. While each has its own distinctive features, they all offer powerful solutions for keeping your life organized.

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Printed and Bound Personal Organizers

The traditional personal organizer, also known as the day planner, is printed and bound into book form. These organizers generally include a section for addresses and phone numbers, and a section that includes an appointment calendar. The calendar section is what really distinguishes the different printed personal organizers. For example, some organizers include only monthly calendars, while others include a weekly calendar or daily calendar. The price of a printed personal organizer is usually based on the quality of the paper, binding and cover. Generally, organizers with leather covers are more expensive than those bound in plastic or vinyl covers.

Employers sometimes rely on printed personal organizers to so employees can generate written records of how they're spending their time. In this scenario, the employee would track how long they work on specific assignments. They can then use their day planner to fill out a time sheet. If there is a discrepancy, or if they make a mistake, they can always go back and confirm the information on their time sheets with the entries in their day planners.

Personal Organizer Software

Personal organizer software offers advanced features. This software can be used to keep track of complicated schedules, organize large databases of contact information and integrate personal schedules with work orders or business responsibilities. This type of software also creates visual reminders for upcoming appointments and events.

Electronic Personal Organizers

Electronic personal organizers, also referred to as digital personal organizers, are quickly replacing printed organizers. An electronic organizer is a handheld device that features virtual places for everything you would normally write down in a day planner. The great thing about these organizers is that they are thinner than their printed counterparts; you also don't have to buy a new one each year, and you can use them to upload and download data to and from your personal computer. The popularity of the digital organizer has made free personal organizer promotions popular with all sorts of companies, from banks to insurance agencies.

Written by Eisla Sebastian