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Storage Boxes

Reduce clutter with a storage box

Home organization does a lot of good, but it doesn't come cheap. A lot of families decide to try makeshift and do-it-yourself methods before splurging on pricey storage racks and organizers for every room in the house. A wonderful way to store items stylishly and cheaply is to use a storage box.

Storage boxes come in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors to match any home decor. Learn more about finding the right box for your storage needs.

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Finding a Place for a Storage Box

The great thing about storage boxes is that they can be used almost anywhere in your home. Keep a box by the door for people's shoes, or put a small basket by your favorite chair to store remote controls and magazines. Select boxes and baskets that blend in with your everyday decor while containing the clutter that chokes up your household.

However, if you want to hide your clutter, try buying an inconspicuous storage chest. These storage boxes resemble coffee tables or ottomans and come in various sizes and designs. Also, some storage boxes are built to fit inside cupboards and closets, and can easily be hidden from a shelf or hung from a track to slide in and out when needed.

Boxes for Storage All Around the House

A storage box can be used in every room. Buy acid-free photo storage boxes with special sleeves and compartments to hold your photos and hide them away in your home office or attic. Consider cleaning up your kids' clutter with a stylish wooden or plastic toy box.

Metal storage boxes are better for outdoor storage, or for use as safety deposit boxes. Often, metal boxes will come with locks or padlocks to secure valuables and provide a reliable place to store your items.

Make indoor storage fun by choosing decorative storage boxes. Wicker storage boxes can be painted to create a lovely but understated effect in your living room or bedroom. Remember, hiding and stacking boxes in a closet can free up floor space and closet space for other items.

Storage boxes offer an inexpensive way to start your home organization while complementing your home decor. Make these easy-to-use, affordable accessories part of your next home improvement project.