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Lock Box

Increasing security is easy with lock boxes

Security is always a concern for home and property owners. Crime, vandalism and transient activity are just a few reasons to consider protection. Lock boxes are a great way to guard your home and property. From small lock boxes for luggage to real estate lock boxes for entire homes, there is a wide variety of these excellent security devices.

Top-Performing Security Boxes

Lock boxes give an added level of security. On top of door locks, a home lock box can help keep burglars at bay. It's a simple box that is attached to the facing of your entry doors. Sturdy and strong, the box is impossible to remove without the right key or combination.

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The top-performing security boxes are the combination lock box and the key lock box. Like a safe, the combination lock box is opened by entering a set of numbers into the device. When the right combination is entered, the box unlocks and the door can be opened.

A key lock box operates in the same manner only instead of a combination, a physical key is required.

Knox Lock Box

The Knox lock box protects against fire and is used in cooperation with your local fire department. A key to the Knox box is given to the local fire department, along with written permission to access the property in case of fire. Not every city or county fire department participates in this program, but many do. This is a good idea for property owners who live out of town or can't be easily reached.

Electronic Lock Box

More sophisticated than its key or combination cousins, an electronic lock box is kind of like a keyless door remote on a car: you enter a number sequence on a keypad to gain entry to the property. It's a little more expensive than traditional lock boxes, but it's very reliable.

Real Estate Lock Box

Are you a real estate agent showing a home? You need a real estate lock box! This device sends a digital signal to a receiver that notifies it every time the door is opened. This will help track showings or any illegal activity that may be occurring.

Lock boxes are a smart investment for anyone who wants to protect their property. Easy to use and nearly impervious to break-ins and vandalism, lock boxes can play a key role in properly safeguarding your assets.

Written by Mimi Bullock