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Moving Box

Good moving boxes make moving easier

Moving? You probably feel overwhelmed! It can be a daunting task loading the contents of your life into boxes. Give yourself some peace of mind and lighten the moving load with the right boxes. A good moving box can stand up to what you dish out and still come back for more. The right box is one that's sturdy, usually square and can be easily stacked.

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The Mean, Green Moving Machine

If you are the environmentally friendly type, you may shudder at the prospect of buying a bunch of boxes. Let your conscience be your guide and get used moving boxes; it's the green alternative to buying new. Plus, if you keep the boxes in good shape, you can pass them on to a friend when you're all moved in. Don't have a friend that's moving? Contact local charities; they can always use good sturdy boxes.

You can also limit the number of boxes you use by moving items in Rubbermaid storage boxes or other permanent containers that you can use for storage once you're in your new place.

Give it to Me Cheap!

Like most folks undertaking the expensive task of moving, you are more than likely on a budget. There's no shame in using a cheap moving box. Discount moving boxes are fine as long as they aren't too flimsy and can be closed firmly. Double tape the seams and don't make the mistake of overfilling. You may want to invest in some higher-end boxes for heavier or more valuable loads.

Free? We Love Free

There are a number of places you could get free moving boxes from. Catch a local business unloading stock, and you've hit the jackpot. Just be sure the free moving box is clean both inside and out. Also, don't grab just anything. Even if it's a free moving box, you don't want one that's flimsy or worn out.

Moving Box Tips

Clearly mark all your boxes on the top and all sides. Permanent markers work best and won't smear in the rain. Use a red marker to underscore the boxes that contain fragile items like dishes, glassware and anything that can be broken.

Don't spend a lot of time listing the box contents; instead, mark the boxes by room. That way, when boxes are being unloaded, they will make it a few steps closer to their ultimate destination.

With the right moving box and some legwork, you'll have your move wrapped up in no time flat!

Written by Mimi Bullock