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Storage Basket

All about storage baskets

Storage baskets aren't just functional. With an endless variety of styles, shapes and textures, storage baskets can actually complement your home decor. They are no longer meant to be hidden or tucked away somewhere discreet. Now you can proudly display your storage baskets by mixing and mingling them among your regular furnishings.

Wicker Storage Baskets

Wicker storage baskets are perfect for the nature lover. If your goal is to bring the outdoors indoors and you prefer a more natural look in your home, then go wicker! Wicker storage baskets look beautiful holding magazines, table napkins or whatever knick knacks you need to tuck away. Wicker basket storage solutions include baskets with inner dividers and baskets complete with wicker lids. Most wicker baskets come lined in linen or cotton. These fabric liners can be removed and washed if they become soiled. Wicker is a lovely way to import textures into your decor, with material options including willow, bamboo and sea grass. With light and dark weaves available, you can choose the one that's right for you, or mix and match shades and sizes for an eclectic look.

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Metal Storage Baskets

With metal sculpture and metal wall decor gaining in popularity, it is easy to see why metal storage baskets would too. For an old-world look, choose metal storage baskets that have a burnished or antiqued look. Metals like tin, copper and bronze are sturdy and attractive. Cut-out handles make it easy to move and rearrange baskets, or you can find metal baskets that have intricate handle work. Included in this category, too, are wire storage baskets. Wire baskets are excellent bathroom storage accessories, perfect for stashing fresh, clean rolled towels and wash cloths. Bulky items work best in wire storage baskets. You don't have to worry about losing little pieces and the wire works well against the cloth materials.

Whether you reach for the wicker or the metal, storage baskets are a hands-down decorating winner. Most aren't very expensive and the decorating possibilities are endless.

Written by Mimi Bullock