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Storage Chest

All about storage chests

If the words storage chest conjure up images of that dusty old steamer trunk in the back of Grandpa's attic, then you may need to update your definition. There are several types of chests available – you could even get a chest for each room in your home.

Organize Your Garage or Shed

A tool chest is a must for anyone who owns more than a hammer and screwdriver. From the handy tote-around to a built-in system, tool chests are a must if you do a lot of work around the house. Handy moms might keep a tool box in the laundry room, filled with screws, nails (and tools, of course) and anything else they may need. Everyday tools and specialty tools should be treated with care and stored properly. A built-in or freestanding tool chest in the garage would be great for the mechanic or young inventor in the family.

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Storage in Kids Rooms

Few pieces of furniture are as loved by kids as the toy chest or toy box. Most toy chests are manufactured as single bins with a lid, but there are some larger models that include shelves or made to fit in the corner of a room. Toy chests with safety lids or sliding tops are a must for keeping kids' rooms tidy. You can use a toy chest to stash your pet's toys too.

Linen Storage

Every home should have at least one cedar chest. Though they smell great, did you know cedar is also a natural pest repellent? You can store keepsakes and heirlooms with no worries from insects. You can also keep seasonal blankets and sheets tucked away for safe keeping, or you could use it for a daughter's hope chest.

Hidden Storage

Trunks offer decorators lots of ways to hide goodies. They come in different sizes and can be used to store all kinds of things. An Old-World-style trunk or wicker trunk might be just the right furnishing for your living room. A well built trunk could double as a coffee table while storing magazines, blankets, tablecloths or napkins. Stack two on top of each other in graduating sizes to add to a corner of your dining room.

With some storage chests placed about your home, you'll have your space completely organized and looking trendy with a practical touch.

Written by Mimi Bullock