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Toy Box

A few toy boxes can really cut down on clutter

Is your home cluttered with kids' toys? Are there stuffed animals heaped in the corner, tables stacked with board games and cardboard boxes filled with accumulated junk? Maybe it's time to take a look at toy boxes as space solutions. Here are some ideas on what you can do with a toy box.

Toy Boxes as Space Solutions in Kids Rooms

The toy box has long been a busy mom's best friend, and it can be more than a simple plastic tub or cardboard box. There are some great toy boxes available that are perfect for any child's room, such as a wooden toy box with a flip-top lid. Be sure that there are safety latches on any toy box with a lid, to protect little fingers from getting pinched. A wooden toy box can also display some fanciful designs or be carved with your child's initials.

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After the toys are stored, you could place a comfortable cushion on top for an extra sitting space. A well-made toy box can easily be used as a small dresser or just as an extra storage box as your child grows older. If you can't find the style you want, then take your toy box plan to a local carpenter or carpentry service. Custom-made storage boxes are beautiful can even be of better quality than store-bought toy boxes, since you have a say in how it's made.

The Baby Toy Box

Babies and toddlers have different needs. If you opt for a painted box, be mindful of what kind of paint is used. Not all paints are kid-friendly, and little ones tend to like chewing on anything. The baby toy box is smaller and usually made of durable plastic. They are safe for rough kid play and less likely to hurt children. Stuffed animals, books and soft toys can all be put away safely in this cozy storage space.

Dog Toy Box

Got a pampered pooch with too many toys? It might be a good idea to hide your pup's chew toys when they aren't being used a dog toy box. These boxes are usually smaller than a child's toy box, and can be stashed right in the living room or common room of your home.

Written by Mimi Bullock