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Storage Furniture

Furniture that's built for storage

If you don't want to build a whole new storage system for home organization, you don't have to – storage can be as simple as rediscovering and reorganizing the storage furniture you already have. If the process of closet organization is daunting, consider starting with these furniture storage options before you jump into a massive overhaul of your home.

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Indoor Storage Options

Besides being stylish, dressers and armoires are perfect storage options for rooms with limited closet space. You can increase your storage potential by utilizing dresser organizers, which can sort your clothing and accessories into compartments that make things easier to find. Used as part of an organized closet, these accessories ensure you'll never be digging through piles of linen and laundry to find what you're looking for ever again.

If you're looking for other storage options for media and video storage, media storage furniture allows you to sort and file all your records, DVDs, CDs and other discs so that you can find them easily and protect them from scratches, loss and breakage. CD storage furniture is built so that it blends in with your décor; it often serves as part of a larger entertainment furniture setup.

When organizing your home, take advantage of boxes and storage cabinets that will hold your items and store them safely. This is especially important for papers and photos that may deteriorate over time.

Furniture That Can Double as Storage

If you live in a small house or apartment, you probably don't have very many storage built-in storage options. This is the perfect time to buy furniture that also doubles as storage. Many beds, couches and coffee tables also serve as places to store items. For example, a coffee table with drawers can be a piece of furniture with media storage which you can use to file discs and books.

Furniture and storage should go hand in hand for a smaller home. Buy a loft bed that has room for a desk, a set of filing cabinets and an office chair, and presto! You have an office and a bedroom in one.

For outdoor storage, a storage cube or self-storage unit can take care of any excess furniture or outdoor equipment that you may not have room for in the garage or shed.

Storage furniture is all around you, and it plays a huge role in home organization. Take a look around and see what you can do before you go out and spend some money.