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Storing stuff in your dresser drawers

The dresser is a versatile piece of furniture with a long history dating back to medieval Europe. Whether it's an antique dresser or a modern chest of drawers, these pieces of furniture have a lot of usable space that can keep many items organized while also adding a stylish touch to your home decor. While most people store clothing in their dresser drawers, there are other things you can use it for.

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Clothing Storage

The most common thing to be stored in an oak dresser or a pine dresser is clothing. In most cases, clothes can be stored in a dresser simply by folding the clothing neatly and stacking the items in the drawers. However, delicate items like lingerie or silk will need to be stored in a drawer that has been lined with paper. This will prevent these delicate clothes from snagging on the wood. Satchels of potpourri can also be stored in the drawers to keep clothing smelling fresh. There are many styles of dressers for both adults and children, ranging from those made from traditional materials to more modern dressers made from plastic or featuring trendy designs.

Office Supply Storage

For people looking for extra storage for their home office supplies, they need not look any further than the bureau in their attic or basement. A bureau (another name for a dresser), can be a great storage and organization device for office supplies. You can store paper in one drawer, writing tools and smaller office supplies in another and software manuals in another drawer.

To make finding office supplies easier, you can use desk organizers in the drawers that contain smaller supplies, and you can also label each drawer with the items it contains. A bureau is ideal for storing everyday items and keeping them out of sight, but it's also a stylish item that will enhance the decorative qualities of your home.

Media Storage

Another use for a chest of drawers is media storage. As a media collection grows, storage becomes an issue. Fortunately, if you have an old chest of drawers or a dresser that isn't being used, why not use it to store your DVDs, CDs and video games? You can also store old video game consoles, controllers and other electronic devices in your dresser drawers. Using a chest of drawers also helps to keep stacks of movies or wires from video games out of sight, creating more space and style in your home. To prevent damage, it's a good idea to line the inside of your drawers, especially if they are made from a soft wood like pine.

Written by Eisla Sebastian