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Storage Cubes

What a storage cube can do for you

Storage cubes are boxes that have been designed with one open end so that they can accommodate a variety of different objects. Each storage container can be used by itself or paired with other cubes to create a storage system. Storage cubes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, and they are made from different materials including wood, plastic and metal.

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Wine Storage Cubes

One use of storage cubes is wine storage. Wine storage cubes can either accommodate several bottles of wine loosely inside a single open space, or they can have their interior space divided into smaller boxes with each space just large enough to fit a single bottle of wine. Generally these cubes are made from wood, but metal storage cubes are also popular, especially for people who lean towards a modern decor aesthetic.

Wooden Storage Cubes

Wooden storage cubes can be used for a variety of purposes. Cedar wood storage cubes work great for wardrobe storage and bathroom storage, while pine storage cubes can be used for inexpensive storage options for everything from office storage to clothing storage. Wooden storage cubes also work well for outdoor storage of things like hoses, lawn care accessories and even auto parts. In your pantry, these cubes can be used to store bulk items like potatoes, apples and onions.

Moving Storage Cubes

When you are planning a move, one problem that you have to overcome is finding containers to organize and store your possessions during the switch. Moving storage cubes can be a real asset during this time. First they can be used to store and haul your possessions, and after your move they can be stacked and organized into a storage system.

Plastic Storage Cubes

Plastic storage cubes are inexpensive and versatile. These are the cubes that are normally used for economy storage. They work well for the busy college student, storing clothing, media, files and other loose documents in dorm rooms. There are also CD storage cubes, which allow you to store your CDs in an economic fashion. These storage cubes could even be organized into storage furniture like a television stand, a microwave stand or a coffee table, if they're sturdy enough.

Written by Eisla Sebastian