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Storage Racks

Rack 'em up

When it comes to home organization and storage, nothing beats the storage rack. Since one of the primary goals of storage solutions is to free up floor space, racks are excellent because they tend to hang from the walls or ceiling, eliminating the need for shelving or cabinets that rest on the floor. Here are some examples of storage racks that can be used throughout your home.

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Racks for the Kitchen

Because so many kitchen items and utensils can be hung, the kitchen is a perfect place to use storage racks. Free up cupboard space and use pot racks or utensil hooks that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. Cup racks can also free up more cupboard and counter space.

Wine storage racks are great for organizing your wine collection. There are many stylish options available in the world of wine racks, and they often double as end tables for better functionality.

Racks for the Home

One of the best places to use storage racks is in your multimedia or entertainment room. CD storage racks ensure that your music collection is properly organized so that every CD you own is easy to find when you want it. CD racks can be part of a cabinet or shelf, but they can also be as simple as a wire rack that you can put in a cupboard or drawer, or a stand-up unit that fits in a corner of the room. The same goes for DVD storage racks, which are slightly bigger.

Garage organization and storage can be made much easier with specially designed storage racks. Bicycle storage racks allow you to hang your bicycles either from the walls, rafters or ceiling of your garage. If you need to store your bikes for the winter, this is a good way to free up garage space for other items. Sports racks, like ball racks, ski racks and golf bag storage racks, offer the same benefits.

When installing any storage rack that hangs from the ceiling, ensure that it is safely screwed to the building supports, yet remains in easy reach from the floor. This will prevent accidents and make it easier to access heavier items.

Commercial Storage Racks

If you own a business, storage racks help you keep your inventory in order and your warehouse organized. Warehouse storage racks can take the form of shelving or racks that hang from the ceiling or screw into the walls, or cantilever racks that can be adjusted to accommodate awkwardly shaped items.

Storage racks make home and business organization much easier, especially if you have a lot to store. Think vertically and consider the various ways storage racks can be used in your home, office, business or garage to decrease clutter.