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CD Rack

A great way to organize CDs

CDs are perhaps best known as music media, but they can hold many other important data, including photos and documents. Whatever's on your CDs, you want them to last, so proper care and storage are important. Fortunately, there are many great storage options on the market, and the variety of materials and designs helps ensure your CD storage unit is stylish as well as functional.

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Basic CD Rack

A basic CD rack is usually box shaped, with a number of slots for individual CDs. It can be hung on a wall or left free-standing on a desk, shelf or tabletop. Basic CD racks are usually made of particleboard or reconstituted wood that's been covered with laminate to give the appearance of real wood. However, they may also be made of real wood, plastic or metal.

With the increase in the popularity of CDs for music as well as for data storage, there has been a corresponding increase in the variety of CD racks available. Not only have CD racks grown to accommodate more and more CDs, but they have become more and more elaborate and ornate. These days, CD racks are more like furniture or art objects than storage accessories.

Wooden CD Rack

A wooden CD rack blends in with just about any home's decor. A free-standing wooden CD rack blends in well with existing furniture. Light and dark wood finishes are easy to clean and look great.

Traditional wooden CD racks maintain the box shape of their basic counterparts. More modern twists, however, include racks with fold-up or hinged doors and racks that rotate on a spinner platform. Spinning wooden CD racks are perfect for large collections.

If space is an issue, consider a stereo or computer stand with pull-out drawers you can fill up with your discs. Or, opt for one of the many unique wall-mounted designs.

There are also funky wooden racks designed to add a touch of adventure to your space. An Asian-inspired design looks great in a more modern living room, while a bookcase-style CD storage cabinet will blend in to a more traditional décor. This option also holds a greater number of CDs, so it's good for larger collections.

Metal CD Rack

When thinking about a metal CD rack, erase the image of a flimsy metal stand that you put together with a screwdriver. New metal CD racks are hot! Made in interesting shapes and varying sizes, these metal marvels are snazzy and functional. Metal finishes vary from aluminum to copper and may be glossy or flat. Choose a tall metal spire or even the interesting octagonal design to showcase your collection.

Portable CD Storage

Want to take that collection on the go? Then you need a CD binder. CD binders come in a variety of styles, too. Album-type binders open easily and have multiple pockets for CD storage. Some can hold hundreds of discs. Choose the handy zip up style to keep even loose CDs in place and safe from loss. CD binders make it handy to carry and share CDs anywhere!

Written by Mimi Bullock