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DVD Rack

Advice about storing DVDs

If you've invested your hard-earned money in a movie collection, you should protect it! And if you use DVDs to backup important files or data, it's especially important that you take proper care of those DVDs. Besides keeping your discs dry, out of direct sunlight and in a moderate temperature, you'll need proper storage. This will likely mean using a DVD storage rack.

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DVD Storage Racks

A DVD storage rack is a sensible way to keep your DVDs organized and in one place. Depending on the size of your collection, you can choose a single-tiered rack, which will hold up to 20 DVDs, or a multi-tiered system for larger collections.

DVD storage racks come in a variety of styles. You can choose from wood, metal and even leather. A simple desktop DVD display rack keeps much-needed or often-used discs right at hand, while a beautifully crafted DVD storage cabinet blends in with your furniture and keeps discs out of sight.

DIY DVD Storage

If you need more storage space, or if your space requires a unique layout, you may decide to build your own DVD storage rack. DIY DVD storage is fairly easy to accomplish and provides several benefits. First, you can design the storage unit to your exact specifications, making it perfect for both your DVD collection and your space. Second, you can choose a material that exactly matches your décor. Wood is probably the easiest material to work with, and there are numerous DVD and CD wood rack plans available online. Plus, wood is extremely durable; oak, pine or cedar will yield a DVD rack that will last forever.

DVD Storage Hints

Always handle your DVDs with care, lifting them by the edges and returning them promptly to their cases after use. Keep them out of extreme temperatures and away from moisture and direct sunlight.

If your collection is large, you may want to arrange your DVDs by a system — for example, alphabetically or according to genre — so that you will be able to find the DVD you want quickly and easily.

Written by Mimi Bullock