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Roof Rack

Use the roof for storage

You've seen them drive past you before: vehicles with car roof racks, sporting bikes or canoes, and you daydreamed about the fabulous weekend that lay ahead of those smart, lucky people. If you are the adventurous type, or if you want to spend more time biking, boating or enjoying family getaways, you could use a roof rack carrier. With the right rooftop storage solution, you'll never have to sacrifice safety or leg room to fit everyone and everything in the car.

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Roof Rack Usage

How will you use your newfound storage space on your next trip? Open-storage auto roof racks will accommodate most of your travel needs, whether you're headed to the beach or the mountains.

Check your vehicle for full roof rails, which you need to mount roof racks or roof bags safely. You may need to add roof rails and a crossbar. Rooftop storage for vehicles with existing half rails or side rails can be enhanced with crossbars to accommodate a roof rack carrier.


These storage racks can be modified with brackets and accessories. Adding a wheel step can make accessing your rooftop storage rack easier and strain-free; you can also add locks to ensure big-ticket items, like quality bikes or ski equipment, cannot be stolen. You can even buy a specially designed bike rack for your car for added security.

Netting is another accessory which can be used to secure items on the roof. A cargo net slides right over the items you're transporting, and its straps attach to the roof rack.

Water Sports, Land Sports and Rooftops

If you own canoe or a kayak, it's worth investing in a roof storage unit specifically designed for these portable boats. A kayak roof rack makes it easy to transport your boat to your favorite body of water without having to wrestle with cords. Adjustable straps can then be hooked into place to keep your kayak safe and secure.

Boxed In

For protected storage which acts like a second trunk, consider a roomy cargo box. Cargo boxes are made to fit station wagons, trucks, SUVs and cars. However, check the minimum crossbar spread before purchasing one to ensure it's compatible with your vehicle. Properly fitted, a cargo box will give you added flexibility and ensure you never have to worry about storing items while you drive again.

Written by Pam Gaulin