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Ski Rack

A great option for storing skis

Save the skiing challenges for the mountain or the lake, not the driveway. Store skis and accessories with a ski storage rack and your ski trip packing will not be an uphill battle. These convenient racks accommodate skis, skiing accessories and snowboards.

Types of Ski Racks

Choose either a hitch-mounted combination rack or a ski roof rack. Hitch-mounted ski and snowboard racks can be attached to existing bike racks. An alternative to open mounting racks is a cargo box for skis or snowboards. The boxes are deep enough to house your gear, but not so tall that you won't be able to park in a parking garage or pull into your home garage. Roof boxes typically come with locks and keys.

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Ski Rack Features

Attaching a rack to your car is made easy when you purchase a rack equipped with universal mounting hardware. Ski racks may also come with keys and lock cylinders, essential when you have a long road trip ahead of you and have a pit stop or two scheduled into your ski weekend itinerary.

Consider how many skis you need to bring with you for a typical ski trip. Typical racks may house four pairs of skis or four snowboards and some are made to carry a combination of skis and snowboards. The mix-and-match systems are ideal for the multi-sport athlete or families interested in a variety of mountaintop pursuits. Big ski racks can hold up to six pairs of skis. A large-capacity cargo box can house up to eight pairs of skis.

Useful features on ski racks for snow skis include over-sized buttons which make it easy to release skis without taking off warm winter gloves.

Water Ski Racks

Racks may also be used for warm weather and water sports. Store wakeboards and skis on a water ski rack. These storage pieces may also accommodate canoe or kayak paddles or masts for sailboats, making them universally appealing if you spend a lot of time on the water in different water crafts. Wakeboarding and riding devices may also be organized and stored neatly with a tower rack made for boats.

Written by Pam Gaulin