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Garden Storage

Advice about storing garden equipment

As the seasons change, so do your gardening and storage needs. Garden storage is more than just a shed at the back of the yard that holds all your tools. Gardeners need to think about seed storage, plant propagation and much more. Here are some garden storage tips that will help you organize your tool collection and store valuable seeds and plants for use in the spring and summer months.

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Greenhouses and Garden Storage

If you're an avid gardener with a large yard, you might consider building a freestanding greenhouse in order to store seeds and grow plants in controlled conditions. Greenhouses can also store garden tools and provide work space for potting and splitting seedlings. Choose a greenhouse with plastic or glass siding and strong aluminum supports that will withstand the wind.

Even if you don't have room to build a freestanding greenhouse in your yard, you can still create a lean-to greenhouse or a wall garden with shelving and enough room for cold storage of plants. Pay close attention to proper seed storage so that you don't end up losing valuable time and money; ensure that you have accurately controlled the climate to suit the seeds and plants that are you are storing.

If you're just looking to store garden tools, consider using a garden storage cabinet that will take up relatively little room in your yard. Built of strong resin or wood, the cabinets are weatherproof and have shelves and hooks inside to store your garden accessories, fertilizer and plant food. Cabinets also lock for easier security.

Alternatively, garden storage tool boxes will provide the same storage on a smaller scale, and can easily be stored inside or outside on the patio. The boxes are also vermin-proof; you don't want your garden tool storage solutions to be ruined by squirrels, rats or mice.

Hiding Garden Storage

The point of a garden is to provide an unbroken expanse of flowers and plants; unsightly garden storage can ruin the theme and the feel of your garden. Try using a garden storage bench or box that can easily be worked into your garden's theme. Benches and boxes provide places to sit while disguising their true function, which is to store firewood, garden tools and other outdoor items.

When storing plants and tools, a good storage solution will help you get organized and achieve better results in your garden come springtime.