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What can you keep in a greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a building designed to grow produce and other plants year round. Many people use their greenhouse to start growing plants months before the official growing season begins, to be transplanted into their outside gardens once the weather is ideal. Other people use their greenhouses to grow exotic flowers and plants that could not survive in their region if grown outdoors. If you are thinking about buying greenhouse kits, then you need to first decide what you want to grow in your greenhouse.

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Growing Produce in a Greenhouse

The first thing you can grow in your greenhouse is produce. Fruits and vegetables can be started in your greenhouse and transplanted outside later in the growing season, or they can be completely raised inside your greenhouse. If you want to grow produce inside, it will be important to understand how your plants are pollinated so that you can complete the process artificially. Artificial pollination will be necessary in most cases because of the lack of natural pollinators like insects and animals inside a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Plans

When selecting greenhouse plans, it is important to think about the needs of the plants you plan to grow in your greenhouse. For example, if you are growing exotic flowers, you will need greenhouse plans that include temperature and humidity controls. On the other hand, if you want to use the structure to simply get your regular plants started early, then you can select a basic greenhouse kit, made from little more than a plastic tarp and a wooden frame.

Greenhouse Supplies

It is also important to think about the greenhouse supplies you will need. It's a good idea to select greenhouse plans that have storage space for these items. This will make the growing process much simpler. The plants you grow in your greenhouse will determine which supplies you need. For example, if you are growing blueberry bushes, you will need additives to will make the soil medium acidic. If you are growing vegetables, you will need supplies for seeding, sprouting and pollinating. If you're planning far ahead, you should also think about proper seed storage to have them ready for the season.

Written by Eisla Sebastian