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Outdoor Storage

Tips on storing equipment outdoors

If you've got a garage or a garden shed, chances are it probably needs some organization. After all, who wants to dig through a buggy, dirty mess to find what you need from season to season? Outdoor storage is important; you need to protect your garden tools and outdoor equipment from bugs, vermin and rust. If you don't want to have to borrow another rake from your neighbor, follow these tips to ensure that you know where all your equipment is at all times.

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Outdoor Storage Sheds and Cabinets

People want their yards to be welcoming, serene places. No one wants to see a rusting storage shed at the back of the yard. Luckily, outdoor sheds can resemble any building you want, from a country cottage to a sleek metal structure. They can be insulated and customized to double as home workshops, or just weather-treated to ward off rats and the wear and tear of Father Time.

Your outdoor storage shed should have shelving where you can place smaller items and hooks for hanging garden implements and other tools. Many people keep bigger equipment, like lawn mowers and snow blowers, in their sheds; ensure you have enough room to safely store these items if you own them. If you have a big yard or are an avid gardener, consider having partitioned sheds to store seasonal items in separate places for easier access.

An outdoor storage cabinet is made of wood or industrial-strength resin, and can be placed either beside your shed or elsewhere in your yard. They're an easy way to weatherproof smaller items, like tools or deck accessories, so that weathering is kept to a minimum.

Outdoor Storage Boxes and Bench Storage

Many people don't have big yards or sheds for storing outdoor equipment and furniture. If you've got a patio, however, you can implement patio storage by "hiding" your storage products inside regular patio furniture. An outdoor storage bench provides an attractive, comfortable place for guests to sit while providing easy access to barbecue accessories and chair cushions. You can also buy deck furniture that offers built-in storage.

Outdoor storage boxes are functional while blending in seamlessly with your decor. If you've got a fire pit, you'll want to make sure your wood is stored properly. A firewood storage box allows you to pack firewood in loosely, facilitating proper drying. Remember to store your wood far away from your fire pit to prevent accidents. Storing your outdoor equipment properly will ensure it stays in excellent working order for years to come. Think of it as a wise home investment.