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Deck Box

The basics of deck boxes

A deck box can provide storage for yard and patio essentials right where you need it. In a pinch, it can also serve as extra seating for your guests or as an impromptu end table.

Choosing a Deck Storage Box

Choosing a deck storage box is easiest when you know what you want the box to hold. A box purchased to hold rakes and other lawn care elements will necessarily be bigger than one purchased to hold pool toys.

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When looking for a box, make sure you are examining the interior box measure, not the exterior dimensions. Many boxes are made of molded plastic, creating a large difference between their exterior and interior sizes.

Most homeowners will require an outdoor deck box unless the area in which they intend to store the deck box is completely enclosed. Most outdoor deck boxes are made of plastic, and metal items on the box, such as hinges, are designed not to rust. An outdoor deck box will also be designed to shed water in case of rain or even snow.

Deck Box Manufacturers

Suncast and Rubbermaid are both common manufacturers of deck boxes.

Suncast deck boxes are commonly available in a neutral taupe. The exterior design mimics the construction of a wooden box, but the box is made of molded plastic. Although no one would mistake these boxes for actual wood, they do offer a more classic design.

Rubbermaid deck boxes resemble large plastic storage chests. Many are two tones, with the lid a different but complementary color from the box itself. They are also made of plastic but do not have the exterior detailing that the Suncast models possess.

Both brands are well constructed, making a choice between them mainly a matter of aesthetic and functional preference.

What to Store in a Deck Box

Athletic equipment, patio items and yard tools are all commonly housed in deck boxes. Many homeowners purchase a deck storage box to hold items that could be damaged by sun or rain, such as patio furniture cushions. Cushions should not be stored in the deck boxes for a long time, however: insect or animal damage could occur because few deck boxes are airtight. Sporting equipment should be similarly sorted; out-of-season equipment should be stored in a more secure location. However, yard equipment can be stored year round without difficulty.

Written by Amy Whittle