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Patio Storage

Storing items for your patio

A patio is a great place for barbecuing, reading, dining out and chatting as the sun sets. But none of these activities are very fun or relaxing if the patio is a mess, with rotting seat cushions, broken shade umbrellas, dirty barbecue utensils and children's toys strewn about. To be maximally enjoyable, a back yard needs a proper patio storage system; home improvement retailers have developed a wide range of products designed to meet all sorts of outdoor storage needs.

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Storage Bench

A storage bench is one of the best options for those with modest storage requirements; for example, if you need patio cushion storage and not much else, a storage bench is an ideal solution. Patio storage benches are extremely practical because they are multipurpose items; they can provide storage space while doubling as comfortable seating for guests. They also blend in with your patio furniture so that their purpose is masked.

Storage Box

If you have bulkier items to pack away, storage boxes are a good bet. Patio storage boxes can be purchased in a variety of styles and designs, including beautiful eucalyptus wood and stained pine. This type of deck box has a large capacity and can fit plenty of items, including cushions, sports equipment, toys, cleaning products, barbecue tools, plates, glasses and cutlery sets. Storage boxes can also be equipped with locks to prevent theft and accidents.

Storage Cabinet

If you want an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance design, a patio storage cabinet might be the best option for you. Outdoor storage cabinets have shelves that deliver easy access to frequently used equipment. If you find yourself constantly shuffling through your storage box or bench, a storage cabinet is probably what you need; storage cabinets can be locked with a key or combination lock if you want to keep valuable items safe, or if you have small children that could get hurt by playing where they shouldn't.

Patio Storage Buildings

Adding a simple storage shed to your yard can take care of a lot of the clutter in your garage or basement. Tool sheds are perfect for keeping your gardening equipment, socket sets and all-purpose tools organized; you can even order them pre-built, so all you have to do is place it when it's delivered.

Written by E.A. Anne