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Storage Buildings

What storage building is right for you?

Self-storage is definitely a cheaper option than going with a personal storage company, and many people choose this route rather than paying fees and rent to store their items. However, proper storage is vital to the preservation of your items, and knowing what storage building will work best for you is important.

Garages and Carports

If you're storing a vehicle, having your own garage is an asset. It's enclosed and can be locked, protecting your vehicle and all its accessories from theft and weathering. However, a carport also provides protection from the elements while offering easy access to your car or truck.

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If you're going to build a carport or garage, ensure that you are building it from metal, strong wood or brick so it stands up to the weather. A metal storage building is resistant to fire and is also very durable. Line your garage with shelves and hooks for easy storage of tools, equipment and items such as sports accessories, toys and bikes. Never store anything that can be easily stolen in an open carport.

Barn Storage

For people lucky enough to own a farm, proper storage of farm equipment and accessories is vital. A barn is only as good as you build it, so ensure that when you're designing your outbuildings that they include insulated storage rooms. For instance, a tack room needs to store saddles, bridles and horse accessories. You don't want to ruin the leather of your tack by storing it in a cold, damp place.

Farm accessories and hay should be properly stored in a dry barn which is vermin-proof to ensure that loss is minimal. Grain and corn should be stored in weather and vermin-proof silos.

Building Your Own Self Storage Unit

If you want to store your items in a unit on your property, you can choose to build a self storage building from scratch or have one pre-assembled and delivered to your home. Mini storage buildings are great for keeping excess furniture or outdoor equipment safe from weather damage and theft. Consider insulating your unit to provide more space for carpentry and outdoor work.