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Advice about barns

Barns are an essential element of American life. From colonial times to the present day, barns have demonstrated the closeness of the people to the land. Barns have also been steadily evolving with the traditions and technologies that are continually developing in the farming and architectural communities, as well as to individual requirements.

While a barn, simply stated, is an outbuilding that is used for storage and for shelter, it should also be designed for many different uses. Because of the multi-functional uses of barns, it is important that you select the correct barn plans to meet your usage needs.

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General Barn Design

There are many different barn designs that you can choose from. Some barn designs are intended for sheltering animals, while others are designed as specialized storage sheds. The size and shape of the barn design you select needs to reflect the purpose of your barn.

The general design of a barn can be determined by its uses. For example, if you will be sheltering animals in your barn, then you will need to make sure the barn has ample space for the animals you own, that it will provide adequate protection from the weather conditions in your area and that it has the right type of security devices built into the design to prevent the animals from escaping the shelter at night. On the other hand, if you will be storing a tractor or lawn mower in the barn, then you will want to select a design that has a door wide enough to accommodate the width of your machine and that it is tall enough to accommodate the height of your machine.

Steel Barn

A steel barn is an affordable alternative to a wooden structure. Steel barns can be bought in ready-to-assemble kits, or they can be bought pre-built. Obviously, size is going to impact how much your steel barn will cost, what the barn can be used for, what permits will be required to construct it and where the barn can be constructed. Pre-built steel barns can take the pressure off in deciding the best design for a barn since the measurements are already configured. Steel barns are ideal for storage of tractors and farming equipment.

Horse Barn

If you are interested in buying a horse barn, then there are several considerations to think about. First of all, you will need to select a barn design that has elements specifically catered to the breed and number of horses you wish to have. In addition to space for the animals, it is very important that the barn has an adequate stable design and that it has enough space for storing horse care items and accessories like saddles, blankets, medication, food and grooming tools.

Another important factor in a horse barn design is that it have the proper ventilation to ensure the health of your horses. For example, you need to make sure your barn has the interior space required to house the number of horses you own, and keep in mind that a typical horse barn does not have as high a ceiling as a general barn design.

Next you should look at the exterior dimensions. These dimensions need to adequately fit the amount of land that you have allotted on your property for your horse barn.

Written by Eisla Sebastian