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All about carports

A carport is a covered shelter for a vehicle. It differs from a garage in that it is not enclosed. A carport can be either free-standing or attached to a building. Carports are a cost-effective alternative to garages and are a practical storage option for large vehicles such as RVs or semi-trucks.

Carport Plans

Carport plans are generally very simple. When you're browsing through carport plans, it is important to pay special attention to the clearance; make sure that the structure is tall enough and wide enough to accommodate your vehicle. It is also important to make sure that you select a carport design that will meet local building standards and codes.

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In addition to looking for carport plans that have the right structural features, you will also want to look for plans than can accommodate the extra features you may need. For example, you may want to build in storage in the rafters of the carport, or you may want to wire the carport for electricity. You may also want to look for plans that will accommodate more than one vehicle; for example, you may want a carport that will allow for both RV storage and boat storage.

RV Carport

An RV carport is used to store a recreational vehicle, also known as a camper or Winnebago. RV carports provide an affordable alternative to building a huge garage. However, since RV carports need to accommodate a vehicle that is taller and longer than the average car or truck, you need to find plans that will accommodate the extra length and height.

Metal Carport

A carport can be constructed from wood or from metal. A metal carport has several advantages. First, it is generally less expensive to build, and second, it is generally quicker to construct than stick-built carports.

Another advantage is that metal carports generally require less maintenance than wooden carports. Wood requires regular weather treating, as well as sanding and repainting to maintain its appearance. Metal, on the other hand, holds up better against the elements.

The main drawback to a metal carport is that it usually doesn't blend with the architecture of the house. However, modern paint products now make it possible to paint metals nearly any color you want. You can also select metal products that are colored by the manufacturer. So, you can now build a steel carport that has a color and finish that complements your existing structures.

Written by Eisla Sebastian