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Vehicle Storage

What you need to know about storing vehicles

For some people, vehicles are almost as precious as children. They spend lots of money buying and maintaining their collectors' cars or beautiful boats, and they want to be able to store them properly so they can enjoy these vehicles for years to come. If you're in the market for vehicle storage, you need to know the different storage options available to you, no matter what type of vehicle you want to protect. After all, joyriding is only a joy when the vehicle you're driving is in pristine condition.

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Car Storage Options

There are two different types of storage for a personal vehicle, like a car or truck. You can choose a carport or garage storage; the latter is probably the safest way to store your vehicle through the winter months. If you don't have a garage, you can rent space at a personal storage services company, which will provide temperature-controlled indoor storage as well as safe, reliable outdoor options.

Prepare your vehicle by washing, waxing and detailing it, inside and out, so that it stays in mint condition while being stored. You should ensure that your car storage company will provide vehicle starting services to keep your engine in shape. This can be free, but you'd be wise to budget for a small fee on top of your rent for this service.

Some personal storage companies will also provide RV storage. If you don't want to have your driveway cluttered by your RV when you're not using it, this option may be right for you. If you need commercial vehicle storage, ensure any company you're dealing with adheres to local by-laws. Many municipalities have restrictions on where and how larger vehicles can be parked.

No matter what, it's vital that you have vehicle storage insurance. While it's usually optional, technically speaking, some service providers insist you have specific insurance so that they aren't held liable for your vehicle; either way, it's wise to protect yourself.

Boat Storage Options

It's time to put your boat away for the winter, but you want to make sure that it's stored properly so that you have no problems getting back out on the water next summer. Boat storage companies will provide indoor, outdoor or covered storage for your boat. You can obtain these services through a marina or hire a private company to store your boat for you.

If you live in a particularly cold climate, indoor storage is the best option for your boat. Private boat storage companies will include a variety of services, including winterizing, detailing, finishing and more. You can save money by doing these things yourself, or have the company take care of your boat for you, worry-free.

Outdoor or on-the-water storage is provided for boats as well, but this is generally discouraged, as snow and ice buildups can cause permanent damage.

Doing it Yourself – Personal Vehicle Storage

If you choose not to go with a personal storage company and store your vehicle on your own premises, you should consider vehicle storage systems that can be set up around your vehicle for the winter. If you rent one, the rental company will come and set up this structure for you and take it away when you're done with it, though this service may cost extra.

Proper storage is extremely important for the preservation of your vehicles. To prevent the need for further restoration work, choose a storage company that meets your needs while providing excellent service.