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Boat Storage

All about storing boats

One of the most stressful parts of owning a boat, other than the upkeep, is figuring out how to store it. Boat storage can be a very complicated matter, not to mention expensive. In addition to storage space, boat owners will have to purchase equipment, such as covers or stands, to keep the boat from getting damaged while it's not in use.

There are many different methods of boat storage, including both indoor and outdoor housing, but some of the most popular options include:

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  • Floating garages
  • Boathouses
  • Floating and attached boat docks

Floating Garages

Floating garages are similar to car garages but are located on the water, often on floating docks. They are extremely handy when storing a boat because they keep the boat clean and safe from damage.

Buying or building a floating garage is more expensive than simply using a boat cover in conjunction with a floating dock, but it will also keep the boat safer and more secure. Many floating garages can be used as portable boat storage buildings, and can be moved from a floating dock to an attached dock or even onto land if desired.


The most secure way of storing a boat is in a boathouse. Most established boat and/or rowing clubs have boathouses located right on the water. These organizations will often rent out space in their boathouse for members to use as storage for their boats.

Boathouses are locked and only those storing boats in them have access, so they are very secure. Boathouses are also sheltered, so boats will remain clean and out of reach of wild animals.

Boathouse storage is the recommended method for winter boat storage, particularly in locations where weather can be harsh.

Floating & Attached Boat Docks

Floating docks are one of the most convenient ways of storing boats, and often one of the cheapest methods, too. Floating dock storage can be rented from boat clubs and boathouses. Boat owners will need to purchase additional boat storage equipment, including boat covers, to protect their boats from the elements. Outside storage on floating or attached docks is not recommended in areas with severe winter weather.

Written by E.A. Anne