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Car Storage

Storing cars made easy

There are several ways to store a car; which method you choose depends on the type of car and the length of the storage period. For short-term storage, using a barn or shed, or even just a car cover, works well to protect a car's exterior from the elements. However, these methods are not secure or environmentally controlled, making them invalid options for long-term storage or for storing valuable and classic cars. For long-term storage, having a secure, controlled location is the best way to go.

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Short-Term Automobile Storage – Car Covers & Car Storage Sheds

Short-term automobile storage can be accomplished by using a car cover. Car covers are usually made of plastic or cloth and are available at local hardware stores and car part shops. Sometimes they are called car jackets or storage bags, depending on the brand.

These products are meant to be used on cars being left outside for extended periods of time. They provide complete exterior car protection, but do not prevent interior damage as a result of temperature change or severe climate conditions. Most car covers have eyelets so that they can be tied down for security, and some can even be locked to provide extra protection from theft or unwanted entry.

Other options for short term automobile storage include car storage buildings, although these are not viable options for the high-end or classic vehicle. If you have a secure garage or storage shed attached to your house or in your backyard, a lower-end car can easily be kept there for long periods of time at no cost.

Long-Term Automobile Storage – Car Storage Facilities

Classic cars need to be properly stored in order to prevent damage not only to their exterior but to their interior components as well. Classic cars have the added problem of having specialty parts and unique service requirements, so they need exclusive care to avoid serious loss of value or high repair costs.

There are few classic car storage services, so finding them may be difficult. However, it's worth the effort, since these full-service storage centers will take care of your expensive or classic car, helping to maintain its value. These facilities have round-the-clock protection for their vehicles, including security cameras and on-site personnel. They may also provide maintenance services for your vehicle, though likely at an added cost.

Written by E.A. Anne